The Grazing chart is the most convenient way to add Historical records into PastureMap because it allows you to add records from years ago. You can add historical records in any order that you would like.

Add Historical Records Using the Grazing Chart

  1. The first step is to click the Grazing Chart Webpage.

2. Once the Grazing Chart Webpage loads go to the section that says "Actions" which is located right below your Ranch's Name. Then, click the drop-down menu that says "Add Herd Move".

3. When you click on the Drop-Down menu there will be two options to choose from. SInce we want to add a Historical record, click on the tab that say "Historical".

4.Next, a pop-up window will appear at the very right of your screen. It will give you the option to select the herd(s) that are involved in this historical record.

Note: If more than one herd are represented by this same grazing record you can choose multiple herds.

5. After selecting the Herd(s), it will take you through the process of selecting the Pasture, and the date and time that represent this Historical Record. There is also an option to add Additional Information such as Planned vs Actual utilization, Available vs Residual Dry Matter, and if there are any specific notes you want to include about these records.

Note: If in the event that you are trying to add a record for a date that PastureMap does not allow you to select, this is because you can only add records up until your season start date. You can change your season start date by going to your ranch settings. Set the season start date as far back as you plan on adding Historical records.

6. Once you finished including all the data click "Save". Then you can repeat the process until you add all your Historical records.

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