There may be a time in the grazing season that you decide to have multiple herds grazing in the same paddock or pasture. PastureMap allows you to move in multiple herds to graze in the same pasture and move them together even though they are separate herds.

How to graze multiple herds in one paddock or pasture:

1. In order to have multiple herds graze in a pasture, all you need to do is move the herd into the pasture as normal. There is not a limit in how many herds you can move into a pasture so you can move in as many herds into a pasture as you see fit.

2. Once you move in the herds that are grazing in a certain pasture you will see that the herd icon in the map now has a number on the top right corner of the herd's icon. That number represents how many herds are grazing in that pasture.

How to make herd movements with multiple herds:

  1. First, you have to make sure that you have both of the herds grazing in the same pasture.

  2. When it comes time to making a herd move with multiple herds the first step is to click on the herd's icon. When you click the herd's icon another window will appear with all the herds currently in that pasture. If you want to move them to separate you can uncheck one of the herds and the herd that remains checked will be a move to the next step. Since we want to move these herds together we need to make sure we have them checked. Once you select the herds that will be involved in the herd move click "Continue" on the top right corner.

  3. Next, you will see that all the herds that you selected to be a part of this herd move will be listed above where it says "move" and "Suspend Grazing". To make the herd move select "move" as normal.

  4. Finally, it will allow you to select which pasture the herds you have selected will move to. After you select the pasture you're going to move the herds to, click the "Move" tab located in the top right corner.

  5. After you have selected the pasture or paddock they will be moving to, you will include a move-in date and time as normal.

  6. Finally, once you add the date and time of the grazing record you need to click save. After you save this data you will now see that the herds you selected have moved simultaneously together to the next pasture.

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