The PastureMap mobile app is a great tool for ranchers who want to record data while they are out on the field. While it is true that you can use the PastureMap mobile app offline with no internet or service, in order for the data to track and stay on PastureMap you must sync your work once you get signal reception or access to the internet. By default PastureMap will try to sync your data, but you can also do it manually to ensure that all data is fully synced.

How to Sync data after a days work on the Ranch using the PastureMap mobile app:

  1. When you have cell service or internet access click on the two arrows forming a circle icon to start the syncing process.

2. Once you click on this icon the arrows will start spinning in a clockwise motion. Allow for the arrows to spin until you receive a green notification "sync complete your records and your offline maps are up to date."

3. This process can take up to 5 minutes depending on the speed of your connection and the number of changes made. Once you see this notification pop up all your data is synced and up to date.

Important to Remember:

Now that you know how to sync your data we compiled a list of tips top ensure you get the most out of your offline experience and ensure all your data is captured.

  • PastureMap allows you to do various tasks offline while on the field such as move herds, add infrastructure, or subdivide pastures, but you still need internet or cell service to sync the data.

  • After each session using the app, it is best to sync your data to prevent information from being lost or recorded incorrectly.

  • Check to verify that your ranch is up to date on the web application to catch any information that has not been synced.

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