You can add infrastructure to PastureMap to get a more detailed picture of what your property looks like. You can add infrastructure such as gates, water troughs, rain gauges, hay bales, and other if you have other specific objects to add.

For each of these objects you can put an installation date and time, a picture of the object, and you can add specific notes to these objects as well. In addition to an install date, the hay bale has the options to put a date when the bale should be consumed, and the weight of the hay bale.

How to add infrastructure:

  1. Go to the top left corner where the blue menu bar is located and click on the "Add items to map" tab.

2. Next, a pop-up menu will appear. Click on the "Add Infrastructure" tab.

3. Then, you can select what type of infrastructure you want to add. You can choose from gates, water troughs, rain gauges, hay bales, and other for specific type of objects.

4. Next, click an area on the map where you want to add the infrastructure. Once you click on an area, another pop-up window will appear. You can add an installation date, a photo, and you can put a note for what ever you want to document.

5. Finally, click save and you are done. You can continue adding as much infrastructure as you would like. When you are finished adding all the infrastructure you would like, you can click on the "Done adding Infrastructure" tab.

Adding Hay Bales:

When you add Hay Bales as infrastructure in PastureMap, the application gives you the normal options of putting the name, install date, a photo, and notes of the hay bale. In addition to this options, you can also include the date the hay bale should be consumed and the weight of the hay bale. Putting this information is important if you want to receive accurate ADAs for the Pasture you add the bale to.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important for the install date of your hay bale to be before the date you move in your herd into the pasture. This allows your ADAs for that pasture to be correctly affected.

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