Data layers allows you to customize your pastures to help you determine what is the next best move for your operation. You can color code your pastures on PastureMap based on rest days, Animal Days/Acre, forage availability, and grazing days; or you can select the option to put your pastures name to appear on the map. Set a range based on the number of days or available forage/acre for when your pastures will change colors. The color code will have three different sections representing a high, mid, and low range.

You can make a pasture appear red if it has not had the sufficient amount of rest days as you would like. Likewise, you can choose a green color to indicate that a pasture has had the sufficient amount of rest day so it can be utilized.

How to Set up Data layers on PastureMap:

  1. Locate the blue menu bar on the top left corner of your map webpage and click on the data layers tab.

2. Next, you can click on the appropriate data layer category of your choice. You can select from rest days, grazing days, animal days per acre, and forage availability.

3. Once you have decide what category you want track your pastures, you can select the colors that will represent the low, medium, or high sections. Here is a basic outline on how to approach using the color coding feature. I use a red color to represent a pasture that is not fit to be grazed, yellow to represent a pasture you be cautious to utilize, and green color to represent a pasture that is fit to be utilized

Rest days: Low (not enough rest days based on the range). Red Mid( in the middle of the range, almost enough rest days). Yellow High( above the range, enough rest days so it can be grazed) Green

Animal Days/ Acre: Low( Low number on ADA's). Mid( Medium number of ADA's). High( High number of ADA's).

Grazing Days: Low( Low number of days you have been grazing). Green Mid( In between the range of days you have been grazing).Yellow High( too many days you would have liked to graze) Red

Forage available per acre: Low (below the acceptable range of pounds of forage available per acre) red Mid (in the middle of the range of acceptable pounds of forage available per acre) Yellow High (above the acceptable range of pounds of forage available per acre) Green

4. Finally, you can set a range of values for each category.

Selecting a Range:

Selecting your range is completely dependent on your operational goals. For example, I want to set a range for rest days for 21 days as my low and 50 days as my target amount of rest days I want. Furthermore, let's say the colors I chose to represent the low, mid, and high range are red, yellow, and green respectively. Any number of rest days below 21 will appear red, any value in between 21-50 rest days will appear yellow, and any number above 50 rest days will appear green. This helps me have a general idea of how many rest days a pasture has had.

You can switch between the different data layer categories. Your information will not be lost if you switch from resting days to grazing days for example.

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