Adding Herds to PastureMap:

  1. Click on the Herds webpage and then go to the top right corner and click the green button where it says "Add Herd".

2. Next, a pop-up window will appear and ask if you want to upload your herd with an excel file or start fresh on PastureMap. You can choose to start fresh on PastureMap or if you have an excel document you can upload your whole herd with the XLS template we provide. For this first example we will start fresh on PastureMap.

4. Next, fill out the information to give some identification to your herds. Information such as Herd name, the icon, and the color of the icon. Then you can fill the additional information so we can have more details of your herd.

5. Finally, you can now move your herd into a pasture. First, select the pasture that your herd will be grazing in, then select the date of when they started grazing there, and finally, you can select how many days you want this herd to graze on that pasture.

6. You can continue to add herds until all your animals are in PastureMap.

How to Upload Herds with the excel sheet:

For this second example, you will need to have an excel sheet with your herd's data. The recommended information you need is the exact animal ID tag, current animal weights, the last date they were weighed, and their birth date. There is other information you can add if you would like. You will need to transfer this information to the XLS template we provide.

  1. Click on the Herd's Webpage and then click on the green button that say "Add Herd".

2. Next, click on the tab that says "start from excel"

3. Next, a pop-up menu will appear to download the XLS template. Once you download the template, it will give you directions on how to transfer your information.

4. Once you complete transferring your herd information into the XLS template, your next step is to click "Browse" so you can search for that template. Finally, once you find your template with your herd information you have to click on "open" and your herds information will be downloaded into PastureMap.

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