PastureMap allows ranchers to document the planned moves they want to make throughout the season. Until recently ranchers were unable to edit where their herds were going to move after locking in their grazing plan. Our new update allows ranchers to be more flexible with their movements via a "Drag and Drop feature"

As we know, sometimes weather, miscalculations, and other factors can affect the available forage on pastures in between seasons. The ability to adjust moves on the fly is a big part of successful forage management. The ability to drag and drop allows ranchers to switch their planned moves without having to recreate their grazing plans. To learn more about the new "Drag and Drop" functionality check out the video below.

The drag and drop feature will make it easier for ranchers to adjust their planned herd moves based on what is best for their operation. Keep an eye out for more new features in the future.


When is this feature available?

-Starting today June 9, 2020.

What PastureMap Plan do I need to have access to this update?

-All PastureMap Plans now have this Drag and Drop ability.

What happens to my planned moves when I change the order of my herd movements?

-PastureMap will automatically re-order and update your grazing map.

How many times can I adjust a planned move?

-You can adjust a planned move as many times that seems fit for your operation.

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