We can obtain our grazing reports from previous years whenever we need to analyze them or compare them to our current grazing report. Having access to older grazing reports and comparing them to the current ones will allow us to see if we are doing a better job at managing our pastures and making more profit.

How to obtain Grazing reports from previous years:

  1. Open PastureMap on the web and go to the top right corner where your profile and Ranch name are located.

2. A drop down menu will appear when you place the mouse on top of your profile/ ranch name. Go to the bottom of the drop menu where is says season and click on the season that you want to obtain the grazing report.

3. Next, it will load the information for the grazing season you chose. To export your grazing records go to the menu bar on the left and click on the tools tab. We can be sure that we are in a season from the past because on the top right corner it should say, "Past Season" in red.

4. Next, a pop-up menu will appear. Click on "Export Grazing Report".

5. Once you click export grazing report, your report will be sent to your email that you use for PastureMap. To return back to the current grazing season just repeat step 1. and step 2. and select the current, ongoing season. It is important to return back to the current season so no data is lost or added in the wrong season.

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