The best way to input animal information such as ear tags and birthdates is to upload this information when creating a new herd. This article describes how to do this. You can also update this information for an existing herd. For example, suppose you have an existing herd H1 in PastureMap with 100 animals. You did not include ear tag numbers when you created the herd, so the animals in H1 are just called H1 1, H1 2, H1 3, etc. Now you want to add ear tag numbers for that herd.

This article describes how to do this by replacing existing animals with new animals imported from a spreadsheet. A few things to keep in mind:

  • All the grazing history for the herd will be preserved and updated retroactively with the data you upload.

  • If you want to keep all the existing animal IDs and other data but just want to add new weight records for a herd, follow these steps.

  • If your animals moved between herds or have already been culled, you will lose all the history of moves between herds. If you need to keep this history, you will need to re-enter all the moves between herds and any culling records for those animals.

First, we will create a new temporary herd to hold the updated animals. Follow the instructions in the article above to import the herd from your spreadsheet with the ear tag numbers. Let's call this new herd H2. Make sure all the IDs and other data for the animals is correct in H2.

Next, move all the animals from H2 into H1 using the "Move Animals to" button.

Next, go to herd H1. You will see this herd has twice as many animals as it is supposed to because it contains your original animals and the newly imported animals.

Click "Delete Animals" and then "I want to select specific animals to delete". Delete all the old anonymous animals from the herd. You can completely delete these animals because they are being replaced with the newly imported animals.

All of your grazing records and historical data will be updated with the weights and animal counts of the animals you just imported.

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