PastureMap lets you split one herd into multiple herds. You can also add future planned moves for an existing herd. By combining these two concepts, PastureMap allows you to plan future herd splits as well.

Let's say you have a herd H1 with 200 animals grazing in pasture P1. You plan to graze in P2 next, followed by P3. Then you want to split H1 into two herds, with 100 animals grazing P4 and 100 grazing P5. This article describes how you can put this into your grazing plan.

Step 1. Split the herd H1 into multiple herds

Follow these steps to sort out 100 animals from H1 into a new herd H2. Put the new herd H2 into the same pasture as H1 because they are currently still grazing together.

Step 2. Add planned moves for multiple herds

Add your planned moves into P2 and P3. You can add planned moves for multiple herds together. You can do this on the Grazing Chart tab. You can also do this from the map. See this article for more information about how to plan a herd move.

Step 3. Add separate planned moves for each herd


  • Add a planned move for H1 into P4.

  • Add a planned move for H2 into P5.

Adding or removing animals in the future

You can follow a similar process to plan adding or removing animals from a herd in the future.

  • If you plan to remove animals from a herd in the future, split out the animals you plan to remove into a separate herd and put it into your plan as described above. 

  • If you plan to add animals to a herd in the future, create a new herd with those animals and add those to your plan in the future.

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