If you want to transfer ownership of your ranch in PastureMap to someone else, you can change the username and email on your account to the new owner.

  • First, log in to the ranch owner account on web.

  • Click on Ranch Settings.

  • Click on "Account" and then click the "Edit" button to edit the name and email address for the account. Enter the name and email of the new owner.

  • Click "Save".

The new owner can then go to PastureMap and click on the "Forgot Password" link when logging in to reset the account password and log in.

Note that this assumes the new owner does not already have a PastureMap account. PastureMap requires every ranch owner to have a separate email address. If the new owner already has an account (for example, they are a team member on the ranch), then you have two options:

  1. Use an alternate email address. Many email apps including Gmail allow you to create email aliases by adding a "+" followed by any suffix to the end of your email address. For example, if the new owner already has an account under the email address "newowner@gmail.com", you can try setting the email to "newowner+myranch@gmail.com". Then when the new owner logs in using "newowner+myranch@gmail.com", they will log in as the owner for the ranch.

  2. Change the email address of the existing account first. Ask the new owner to log in to their existing account and change their email address as described above. They could change it to an alias. Then you can log into the old owner account and follow the steps above.

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