PastureMap tracks grazing records in terms of herds. Every animal belongs to a herd, and each herd can graze a pasture from a start time to an end time. If you have groups of animals you know you will need to sort out later, you can put the animals into different herds initially and move them together until you need to separate the herds. For example, if you are grazing animals from two different owners A and B together as a group, create Herd A and Herd B. You can move multiple herds together in PastureMap.

If you are weaning calves and need to add the new animals into PastureMap, you can create a new herd for the calves and track their grazing separately.

Otherwise, if you need to move animals out of an existing herd into a new herd, you can create the new herd and then move animals into it. This article explains how to do this. Let's say you have a herd Cows with 40 animals and you want to sort out 10 animals into a new herd H2 and graze them in a different pasture.

Step 1. Create the new herd H2

Go to the "Herds" tab and click on "Add Herd"

Select "Start Fresh in PastureMap". Enter your herd name and put in 0 for number of animals.

Step 1. Move animals from Cows to H2

Now go back to "All Herds" and select the "Cows" herd.
Click on "Move Animals To" and select H2:

Enter the number of animals to move to H2. If you want to select specific animals to sort into H2, click "I want to select specific animals". Make sure you enter the correct date in the Date moved field. This date is used to determine which animals are in your herd during each grazing event.

Step 3. Move H2 into a pasture

Now go into the All Herds view and click on "Move into pasture" next to H2 to put it into the correct pasture. This can be the same pasture that Cows is grazing. Make sure you enter the correct Grazing start date. If the animals in H2 did not stop grazing, this should be the same value as the Date moved field in the previous step.

Now you have two separate herds Cows and H2. You can move them separately to different pastures and can create planned moves separately for each of these two herds.

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