On the map, we show you a trail of previous pastures where you have grazed and also a trail of pastures you plan to move to next. In each pasture, we show a number of grazing days. For historical grazing events, the number in the blue circle is the number of days the herd grazed that pasture. For planned grazing events, the number in gray represents the number of planned grazing days for the pasture. To view this trail, click on a herd on the map.

By default, all planned and historical moves are shown on the map. To change the number of moves shown, click on the "Next" or "Last" buttons in the herd details pane and enter a number. You can also click inside the form field and use the up and down arrow keys to increase or decrease the number of moves shown:

You can also change the number of historical moves in your Android app settings by tapping on the "Me" tab (the rancher icon) and changing the number of historical and planned moves in your settings. The move trail settings are separate for each device you use. This setting is not available on iOS at this time.

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