Many of our users run pairs and want to keep records in PastureMap while calving. We recommend creating a Calves herd separately during calving season and adding new animals into that herd as they calve.

You can run multiple herds in a single pasture, so you can keep running Moms and Calves together in the same grazing rotation until you wean them. 

You can either create average weights and change the intake as the calves grow, or you could have individual calf weights. Before they're weaned, they might have very little intake of grass.

Putting calves in a separate herd eliminates having your Moms look like they've lost 600lbs weight from when you sell your calves. Keeping two separate herds also makes it easier to separate them in PastureMap when it's time to wean or sell.

This way, the average weights and forage consumptions of the Pairs also makes more sense to another team member or consultant looking at your account. 

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