Why use cells?

In PastureMap, a grazing cell is a group of pastures in your operation. Your operation may have one or several grazing cells. You could use them to group different sub groups within your ranch, lease properties, or entire ranches. A distinct grazing plan is typically made for each cell.

Using cells will allow you to stay organized and see the grazing plan and season metrics (acreage, animals grazing, forage consumption and total animal days) for specific pasture groupings. 

Note: this feature is an addition to the grazing chart, a paid upgrade. Contact us if you're interested in adding the free trial to your account.

Creating a New Cell

To make your first, select the green "Create Cell" button located in the top left corner.

You then will type the name of the grazing cell. To add pastures to a cell, select the pasture name to highlight it in green. 

Tip: You can filter pastures by name to make it easier to find the one you're looking for. Click "Finish" when you are done adding pastures to that cell. 

Managing Cells

After creating your first cell, you can edit and add additional cells by selecting the "Manage Cells" button located in the top left

To add an another cell, select "Create Another Cell" and follow the same process as before. If you want to edit a cell, select the name of the cell.

Tap pasture names to either add or remove pastures. If you want to delete the cell entirely, select the red "Delete this cell" located in the bottom left. 

Viewing Cell Data

By selecting the drop down menu for "Cells" located in the top left, you can decide to display any combination of data (single cell, multiple cells, the entire operation or pastures not assigned to a cell). 

Screenshots below are of two different cells. Notice the changes in the metrics (located in the top right). 

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