CattleMax is a herd management solution with over 200 data fields. 

With PastureMap you can now import a limited number of CattleMax fields. These fields include: Sire Ear Tag, Dam Ear Tag, Sex, Last Calving Date, Last Weight Date, and Last Weight.

To export data from CattleMax, start by hovering over the "Reports" tab and then selecting "Reports."

Then create a custom report by selecting "New Report" located in the top right. 

You will be asked to name the report. For Record Area, select "Animals" from the dropdown menu. Then hit "Create Report."

From here select "Edit Report" located in the top right. 

Use the search bar to add in the following fields:
• Sire Ear Tag
• Dam Ear Tag
• Sex
• Last Calving Date
• Last Weight Date
• Last Weight

The end result should look like the screenshot below. Once you're finished, hit "Update Report".

It's ok if fields are blank. The end result should look something like this:

To export the report, select "Export Options" then "Excel." You're now ready to import the file into PastureMap using the Self-Import Feature.  

If you have difficulties with importing, please check and make sure that the file is saved as either a .xls or .xlsx in Excel.

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