PastureMap can import your existing animal records from a spreadsheet, including animal weights, IDs, birthdates, calving dates, animal types, and sire and dam IDs. You can then track the weights and grazing records of these animals over time in PastureMap.

Your animals will be imported into a new herd. If you want to add animals to an existing herd, you can import animals into a new herd and then move all the animals from that herd into your existing herd. See our help article on Editing Animals for more information.

  1. To start importing animals into a new herd, click on "Herds" at the top and then select the green "Add Herd" button located in the top right of the screen. 

2. To import your existing records, click on "Start from Excel". 

3. Click "Download" to get our Excel template. If you're having trouble downloading, make sure your ad blockers are turned off. 

4. Open the template in Excel. Copy over any herd records you want to upload. Be sure to use the column labels as they appear in the template. Fill in the Animal IDs and other fields in the template with the information you want to import. You can copy and paste information from an existing spreadsheet. If you are using other livestock management software, export your animal records and copy them into the spreadsheet. If you have CattleMax records, our help article on Exporting Records from CattleMax walks you through the process.

PastureMap can import the following data fields for each animal. All of these are optional except for the Animal Name or Ear Tag:

  • Animal Name or Ear Tag

  • First day on pasture (may also be purchase date)

  • Weight

  • Last Weight Date

  • Birthdate

  • Animal Type

  • Sex

  • Last Calving Date

  • Sire Ear Tag

  • Dam Ear Tag

Make sure that the "First Day on Pasture" is before the earliest grazing record you want to add  for this herd.

Enter approximate weights for your animals if you don't have exact weights. This will help us more accurately calculate your pasture productivity.

5. Save the template. Upload it by dragging into the dotted rectangle or select "Browse." Hit "Upload" once completed.

After Upload

PastureMap will display the following screen in order to verify information. This is how your records will show up in PastureMap.

If something doesn't look right, you can select "upload it again" highlighted in green to make changes to the excel file and re-upload. Select "Looks Good! Let's Name It" when you're ready to move on. 

You then will name the herd and select and icon and color for display. 

Provide ADG and Estimated DMI for calculations. Select "Finished" once completed.


If there is an problem uploading your import, you will receive a menu with items that need to be fixed listed in red. 

Please fix these issues, then try uploading your file again. 

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