Mark an Animal as Dead, Culled, Sold, or Slaughtered

  1. At the bottom of the screen, tap the "Herds" icon. 

  2. From the active herds list on the left side, tap the name of the herd you are updating.

3. Under "Animals", tap the bar.

4. To mark a single animal, scroll through the list and tap on the animal you would like to update.
To select multiple animals: In the upper right, tap "Select". Select the individual animals and tap "Move to…" or at the bottom of the screen, you can tap "Move All" to mark the entire herd as selling or slaughtered.

5. Once the animals are selected and you have tapped "Move to…", tap the correct designation under "Mark as:
Tap the green button labeled "Done".

View Animals That Are No Longer Grazing

  1. From the "Herds" tab, the inactive animals are displayed under the active herds on the left pane of the screen. 

  2. Tap to pull up the records.

Delete A Herd

  1. From the "Herds" tab, swipe left on the herd name until the red button marked "Delete" appears. 

  2. Tap the delete button.

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