Add a herd: 

  1. From the “Herds” tab, tap the plus sign at the top near the title “Herds.”

2. In the “New Herd” window, name the herd, edit the icon, and add animal weights. 

Move a herd

  1. On the map, locate the herd you’d like to move. Tap on the herd’s icon.

2. Tap “Move” in the pop-up box by the herd name.

3. Tap the pasture you’d like to move the herd to.

4. Tap the green “Move” button in the upper right to move the herd to the selected pasture.

5. From the pop-up window, edit the move date and time as needed. Enter the planned grazing days to plan your next move and get a reminder when it’s time to move.

6. Tap “More…” in the window to record residual dry matter, available dry matter, notes, a photo.

7. Once done, tap the green button marked "Done".

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