Measure Fencing

  1. Select the correct pasture from the Map view or by using the search icon on the Map tab.

  2. On the left, click the "Item Summary". The icon is shaped like a paper with a folded corner.

3. Click "Measure Fencing". The pasture will come up on the map.

4. Click two points along the fenceline to select the section of fence you would like to measure. When you click the second point, a box appears in the upper left corner of the screen showing the length of the different fence sections labeled by color. 

5. Drag either of the points to adjust your measurement. To start over, click the "reset" button.

6. Once done, click "Exit fence measurement" in the upper right.

Use the Ruler

  1. Select the "Tools" icon from the left side of the Map view. The icon is shaped like a wrench.

  2. Click "Ruler".

3. Click on the Map to start a measurement. The distance will show up by the mouse.

4. Double click to exit the Ruler. 

View Topographic Map

  1. From the Map view, click the "Map Layers" icon at the right of the screen under the zoom buttons.

2. From the pop-up box, click “Terrain” to view the topographic map. The map view will update automatically.

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