PastureMap lets you keep grazing records for both pastures and subdivisions. Pasture boundaries remain the same throughout your season, but you can subdivide pastures and adjust your subdivisions as many times as needed during the season. PastureMap will keep track of your rest days and ADAs at both the pasture and subdivision levels. For example, you may graze an entire pasture without subdividing early in the season, and then subdivide it later in the season and graze it one subdivision at a time. All your subdivision grazing events will be kept in your pasture records, even after you adjust, retire, or redraw your subdivision boundaries.

Subdividing Pastures

  1. Use the search icon on the "Map" tab to search for a pasture or select the correct position from the Map.

  2. On the left, click the "Item Summary". The icon is shaped like a paper with a folded corner.

  3. Click "Subdivide".

4. Click to draw a line across the pasture to subdivide it.Note: The start and endpoints of the line should lie outside of the Pasture. 

5. Double click to complete the subdivision line. To start over, click "Restart Line".

6. Drag the points of subdivision Line to adjust them.From the pop-up box, you can delete a line by clicking on "Delete Line", add another subdivision by clicking on "Add More Subdivision" or click "Next" when you have finished subdividing.

7. You can enter the subdivision details in the next pop-up box.

8. Once done, click "Exit". 

Adjusting Subdivisions

  1. Select the Pasture from the Map view. 

  2. Click "Adjust Subdivisions" on the "Item Summary" pop-up window for the pasture.

3. Drag the points on the line to adjust the subdivisions. You can also draw more lines or delete existing ones by clicking on the buttons in the pop-up window.

4. Click “Next” to rename the new subdivisions. Then, click “Save” to save them.

5. Once done, click “Exit Pasture Subdivision” in the upper right. 

Converting Subdivisions to Pastures

  1. Select the subdivision from the Map view. 

  2. Click "Item Summary" on the pop-up window for the pasture. Then, click "Convert to Pastures".

3. A pop-up window with a warning message will appear. Click "OK" if you want to turn the subdivisions into permanent pastures.

4. Click “Next” to name the new Pasture converted from a subdivision. Then, click “Save” to save them.

Retiring Subdivisions

  1. Select the subdivision from the Map view. 

  2.  Click "Item Summary" on the pop-up window for the pasture.

3. Click "Retire subdivisions" and then "Retire" on the next page. The subdivisions will no longer show up on the map, but your records are still available.

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