Record a Pasture Inventory 

  1. First, go to the Pastures Webpage tab and select the pasture you want to record a pasture inventory for.

2. Next, the pasture you select with appear with all the Grazing records and events that have occurred in this pasture. Above the History Activity will be a tab that says "Pasture Inventory".

3. When you select the Pasture Inventory tab you will have a series of data you can include. First, if you have multiple subdivisions in a Pasture you can have the Pasture inventory reflect those specific paddocks, or it can reflect the pasture as a whole.

4.Next, you can choose to add the available grazing and Available Dry Matter. All these are calculated on your own basis. Finally, you can add any specific notes that you want to record for this Pasture Inventory such as supplemental feed that was fed.

Edit or Delete a Previous Pasture Inventory

  1. From the “Pastures” tab, click the pasture you would like to edit or delete a pasture inventory for. 

2. Under the “Activity History” section, click the pasture inventory record you would like to edit or delete.

3. Click the “Edit” icon which is represented by a pencil to edit the Pasture inventory. If you want to delete the pasture inventory click on the garbage can Icon which represents the delete function.

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