Move A Herd

  1. From the Map view, click on the icon for the herd you would like to move.

The "Move" button will appear. Click "Move". Then, click again on the pasture you would like to move the herd to. 

The "Log Herd Move" pop-up window will appear. You can edit the date and time of the move, available dry matter and any notes. You can use the stocking calculator on this page to easily compute your planned grazing days in the new pasture. Once done, click "Save".

Plan A Herd Move

  1. On the Map, click on the icon for the Herd you plan to move and a pop-up window will appear. To add a planned move click on the tab that says "+ Add Planned Move".

  1. Next, it will allow you to click on the pasture you plan to move the herd to.

4. Finally, once you click on the pasture of your choice, another pop-up window will appear and ask you to Fill out the Date and Time of when you plan to move the herd in, and add how many days you plan for that herd to graze in that pasture.

 Note: You also have the opportunity to assign this planned move to a team member using the app, as well as the option to add specific notes. You can also perform planned herd moves on the field using our Mobile app.

Delete or Edit A Move Record

  1. From the “Pastures” tab, click the pasture you’d like to edit or delete a move record for.

2. Scroll down to the “Activity History” section. Click on the grazing record you’d like to delete or edit.

3. Click the “Delete” icon on the move out or move in record. The icon is shaped like a trash can. If you want to edit a herd move, click on the edit icon which is indicated by a pencil.

4. A pop-up window with a warning message displaying "Confirm deletion" will show, click “Delete” again. If you are editing a herd move, a pop-up menu will appear with certain information you can edit.

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