PastureMap allows you to print a PDF image of your maps or export a KML or shapefile of your pastures. You can only do this on the web application of PastureMap.

  1. Select the "Tools" icon from the left side of the Map view. The icon is shaped like a wrench.

  1. Navigate on the Map to the area you wish to print.

  2. Click "Print map". The Map currently displayed on your screen will download as a PDF file that you can print.

Export Pastures As A KML File

  1.  Go to the top right corner and move your mouse cursor over your ranch's name. Click on "Ranch Settings".

2. You have the option to export all your pastures or to select just a few pastures for export. If you want to export all your pastures, while on the ranch setting tab, scroll down to the section where it says Export KML and click on "Download All Pastures". A file will be sent to your email.

4. To export only a few pastures, click "Download Selected Pastures". A pop-up window will appear which will allow you to select the specific pastures you want to export. Once you have selected the pastures you want to export click on the "Download" tab and the file will be sent to your email.

Export Pastures As A ShapeFile 

  1. Exporting a Shapefile is the same process as exporting your KML file, however, this time you need to go to the Shapefile section and click on "Export Via Email" and the shapefile will be sent to your email.

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