Mark an animal as dead, slaughtered, culled, or selling

  1. From the “Herds” tab, click the herd containing the animal to mark.

2. Move your mouse cursor over to the right-hand side of the screen where it says "Cull Animals". A drop-down menu will appear with the different options you can choose.

3. Next, you will have the opportunity to select the animals you want to cull from your herd. You can search up specific animal IDs by using the Animal ID search box, you can select animals by clicking on the row that represents an animal, or if you need to cull all of your animals you can click on the select all button on the lower right-hand side.

4. Once you select the appropriate animals you want to cull, make sure to adjust the date to the correct date they were removed from your herd. After you click save you will see a cull record appear as a part of this herds history.

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