Each PastureMap paid account comes with unlimited team members. Team members can view, edit, and create records for your ranch. Consultants have view-only access to your ranch.

Add a team member or consultant

  1. Click on your ranch name at the upper right to open the ranch menu.
  2. Select Ranch Settings from the menu. 

3. Scroll down to the “Team” section and click the “Add consultant” or "Add team member" button.

4. Enter the consultant or team member’s email address and click “Invite.” An email will be sent to the consultant or team member with instructions.

5. Ask your team member or consultant to open the email and click on the link in the email to accept the invitation and create an account.

6. Finally the team member or consultant needs to download the PastureMap app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play store and sign in using the email and password for the consultant or team member account they created.

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